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Mar 25, 2021
I've been pretty bored and looking for something to help time go by as we await all the fun thats happening later this year and next year from E3.

So, I decided to redownload and play fallout 4. With this modlist, it makes the Vanilla game you played feel like a Beta. Not only does this visually impact the game, it improves it immensely in every sense. I'm talking bug fixes, new content, overhauls galore. This modlist easily adds months worth of content to the game, on TOP of fixing everything that was wrong with the base game. This is what Fallout 4 always should have been. You'll find that all of these mods are 'top quality' if you will. I did that on purpose. I didn't want to know what was modded in and what wasn't. I wanted everything to feel flush with the game. There are tons of great mods outside of this list, but i felt that they weren't going to give the experience i was going for. Also note: ALL of these mods are compatible with each other. So, you shouldn't have any issue running them. (Except hardware, if you don't have a high end PC, then this modlist might not be entirely for you, however you can still get quite a few great mods from it!) I did not provide an ENB preset as there are so many to choose from, literally throw anything on. I provided the source to good looking textures and lighting. The ENB you pick will do the rest.

Everything here is courtesy of the Nexus Mods community for Fallout 4. I've broken it up into different categories. You will find descriptions of every mod in the provided link. I HIGHLY suggest using Vortex (Nexus Mod Manager) if you don't already. It'll make the installation process so easy, and so fast. Enjoy.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch:

Wetness Shader Fix:

Brawl Bug Fix:

3rd Person Beard Fix:

Fatman MIRV Fix:

Multiple Floors Sandboxing:

Snappable Junk Fences:

Lowered Weapons:
(Adds DLC Support to Lowered Weapons)

Have a Beer (Animated Drinking):

Swinging Meat Bags:

Power Line Physics:

Sync Kill Animations:

Animated Chems Redone:

Animated Radaway:
(Make sure this is loaded after Animated Chems Redone)

Rip and Tear (Ripper Anim Mod):

Faster Power Armor Exit/Enter:

Grab the Damn Mag:

Radscorpion Grab:

Feral Ghoul Bite:

Assaultron Grab/Stab:

Yaoguai Maul:

Deathclaw Grab:

Dog Bite:

Faster Getup:

Tactical Animations:

Pistol Animations Pack:

True 3D Sound for Headphones:

Adjustable UI Volume Sliders:

Reverb & Ambiance Overhaul:

Quieter Settlements:

The Sound of Pain:

New Perk Magazines:

Humming at Workbench:

Museum of Freedom Cut Content:

Sanctuary Terminals:

Railroad Perks:

Paintball Guns & Mortars (Contraptions Workshop Required):

Taboo Tattoos:

Boston Library Compressed Data:

Combat Zone Restored:

Quantum Deathclaws:

Weird Reflexes:

Ending Epilogue Restored:

Breach Shotgun:

Piper Interview:

Fusion City Rising:

America Rising - Tale of the Enclave:

A Cannibal in Concord:

Welcome to Goodneighbor:

The Train:

Outcasts & Remnants:

Vault 1080:

Maxwells World:

50 Ways to die at Dr. Nicks:

Gone Feral:

World to Come - Gojira:

Alien Assault Rifle:

Glock 86:

Wattz Laser Gun:

Fusion Gun:

Gatling Rifle:


Pipe Shotguns:

Laser SMG:


Plasma Swords:


More Deathclaw Variety:

DECAY - Better Ghouls:

Chickens & Rabbits:

We Are The Minutemen:

Super Mutant Redux:

Weapons System Overhaul - Automatron:

Sanctuary Bridge:

Improved BoS:

Synth Overhaul:

Varied Raiders:

Gunners Overhaul:

ENB Lights Overhaul:

XXL Nukes:

Glowing Animals Emit Light:

Vivid Fallout:

Enhanced Blood Textures:


Fixed Alpha Maps:

True Storms - Wasteland Edition:

Chems/Alcohol Visual FX:

Darker Nights:

Enhanced Lights and FX:

Cross Crit Gore-verhaul:

Gibs of Glory:

Improved Map with visible roads:

PipBoy Light Shadows:


Visible Galaxy (Sky):

All Weapons HD:

Detailed Deathclaws:

Subway Runner:

Immersive Gunners Plaza:

Diamond City Expanded:

Better Goodneighbor:

Goodneighbor Player Condo:

Northern Springs:

Lexington Interiors:

Minuteman Watchtowers:

Minutemen Supply Caches:

Stumble Upon Interiors:

Glowing Sea Expanded:

Fort Hagen Expanded:

Salem Expanded:

UFO Crash Site Vault 115:

South of The Sea:

Mannequin Cult:

True Legendary Enemies:

Vehicle Overhaul:

Immersive Vendors:

Visual Reload:

Auto Close Diamond City Gate:

Corpse Collision:

Sinking Bodies:

Live Dismemberment:

Locky Bastard:

Lootable Cars:

No Combat Boundaries:

Follower Revive System:

Weapon Disarm:

Children of the Apocalypse:

Water puts out fires:

Realistic Ragdoll:

NPCs Travel:

Everyones Best Friend:

Companions can Sneak:

Tookie's Grass and Plants:

Carry more with Power Armor:

Tidy Settlers:

Immersive Settlers:

Armorsmith Extended:

Lots More Facial Hair:

Lots More Hairstyles:

More Skin Colors:

More Hair Colors:

The Eyes of Beauty:

Enhanced Vanilla Bodies:

Eli's Armor Compendium:

Mojave Manhunter:

NCR Veteran Ranger:

Brighter Settlement Lights:

Repairable Sanctuary:

Unlimited Settlement Objects:

Advanced Settlement Turret Set:

Craftable Turret Stands:

Not your average Neon:

Looks Mirror:

Solar Panels:

Minutemen Morale Pack:

Functional Displays:

Thematic and Practical:

G2M - Workshop:

Connectable Electric Poles:

Workshop Power Pack:

Immersive Teleporters:

Insignificant Object Remover:

Faster Workshop:

Fog Remover:

Stuttering and Memory Patch ENB:

No more Fake Puddles:

High FPS Physics Fix:

Flicker Fixer:

Bounties for You:

Any mod Any Weapon:

AROD Water Purifier:

Manufacturing Extended:
(Addition to the mod)

Stackable Concrete Foundations:

Movable Power Armor:

Faction Paintjobs for Automatron:

Power Armor Delivery:

Permanent Intimidation:

Better Legendaries:

Fallout 4 Main Menu (Man in the High Castle Style):

Worthwhile Cap Stashes:

Enter The Brotherhood:

Re-Enable Achievements:

See Through Scopes:

PreWar Binoculars:

No Bethesda and SPECIAL intros:

Lasers have no recoil!:

Fast Travel from Interiors:

More Realistic Cats:

More Bobbleheads:

No Behemoth Magic Seeker:

Drag Anything:
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