Tutorial Quick-flipping Volatile Cryptos


Jul 18, 2021
It's not much of a tutorial, but I've managed to make a few hundred dollars a week by investing some time into this method:

It's important you understand trend lines as well as bull and bearish markers within a small timeframe. Of course since crypto currencies are so volatile this method is EXTREMELY risky, however will generally only result in small gains/losses depending on your investment.

What I did was invest $1000 on Dogecoin at a low point throughout the day. For example if the day-high was at .42 and the day low was .27, I'd buy as much as I could around the median ~.30-.34.

Because I'm investing such a large sum of money, I was able to accumulate ~2,941 DOGE when I bought in. I'd then wait for a few cent increase, somewhere around .06 and then I'd sell all of my coins for a $75 profit, and then I'd repeat, however I'd never re-invest my profits, only my starting investment of $1000.