Jailbreaking iOS Devices 11.0 - 14.3! [Unc0ver]


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Mar 25, 2021
Yo, yall. If you didn't update to the latest iOS 14.4, you can jailbreak your device!

Non US Users: If any of these sites do not work for you, use a VPN!

First off, you need to backup your device. Always, always, ALWAYS backup your device before doing anything jailbreaky.

You want to have iTunes installed, as well as iCloud installed on your PC.

Navigate over to altstore and download the altserver.

After everything is installed, sign into your apple id. (AltStore is safe, so dont worry about anything risky, dont take my word for it though, research the name)

Plug your phone into your computer, and click on altserver. In the bottom corner where apps are running in the background, you should see a lil diamond. Click that, and itll say "install altstore >" with your devices name listed. Do that.

It'll ask you for your apple id info once again, go ahead and enter it in. Now, on your phone, make sure you have unlocked it (with the passcode) and pressed "trust" for this computer.

AltStore should now be installed on your iPhone/iPad.

On your phone, head over to settings > general > device management. Press trust this user.

Next, head over to (click the link) on your iOS device. Click download for the latest version.

When its finished downloading, go ahead and open it and press the lil share button. Click on altstore and it should take you into that. Sign in once again with your apple id info (Make sure you keep your device plugged in and altserver running during this)

and then it will install unc0vers app.

After that, you are safe to remove your device from being plugged into your PC. You then open the unc0ver app, and press jailbreak. Note: it may fail a couple of times at first, but thats normal. It might even say it worked, but not reboot, or do a hard reboot.

You will know that it worked when you have Cydia and Substitute installed.

If you power your device off and back on, you will have to go back into the unc0ver app and re jailbreak. Please note, altstore will expire if you dont refresh them every 7 days. The way to avoid this annoyance is to download the ReProvision app from Cydia (google the source)

and it will automatically refresh those apps, allowing you to be pretty much untethered. If you have any questions feel free to let me know.