Jailbreak Compatibility List

PS3 Jailbreak Compatibility list very important thing while we talk about PS3 Jailbreak. Without PS3 compatibility list, you’ll never figure out NOR/NOND. Also, while we talk about and installer. Both are different jailbreak and difference between HAN Jailbreak vs CFW installer. PS3 made three PS3 console models, FAT, Slim and super slim. Check your PS3 console model. It’s like CECH-XXXX. If you find your console model number in jailbreak type CFW installer. Go with the CFW installer, HAN installer go with HAN installer.

PS3 PHAT Compatibility List:-
ModelTypeNOR SupportedNAND SupportedJailbreak Type
CECHAxx0x01NoYesCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHAxx0x01NoYesCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHBxx0x02NoYesCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHBxx0x02NoYesCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHCxx0x03NoYesCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHCxx0x03NoYesCFW Installe /HAN Installer
CECHDxxNoNoCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHExx0x04NoYesCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHFxxNoNoCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHGxx0x05NoYesCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHHxx0x06YesNoCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHIxxNoNoCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHJxx0x07YesNoCFW Installer/HAN Installer
CECHKxx0x07YesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECHLxx0x08NoNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECHMxx0x08YesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECHNxxYesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECHOxxNoNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECHPxx0x08YesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECHQxx0x08YesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer

PS3 Slim Compatibility list:-
ModelTypeNOR SupportedNAND SupportedJailbreak Type
CECH-20xxA0x09YesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECH-20xxB0x09YesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECH-21xxA0x0AYesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECH-21xxB0x0AYesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECH-25xxA0x0BYesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECH-25xxB0x0BYesNoCFW Installer /HAN Installer
CECH-30xxA0c0CYesNoHAN Installer
CECH-30xxB0x0CYesNoHAN Installer

PS3 Super Slim Compatibility List:-
ModelTypeNOR SupportedeMMC SupportedJailbreak Type
CECH-40xxA0x0DNoYesHAN Installer
CECH-40xxB0x0DYesNoHAN Installer
CECH-40xxC0x0DYesNoHAN Installer
CECH-42xxA?0x0E?NoYesHAN Installer
CECH-42xxB?0x0E?YesNoHAN Installer
CECH-42xxC?0x0E?YesNoHAN Installer
CECH-42xxA?0x0E?NoYesHAN Installer
CECH-42xxB?0x0E?YesNoHAN Installer
CECH-42xxC?0x0E?YesNoHAN Installer
CECH-43xxA?0x0F?NoYesHAN Installer
CECH-43xxB ?0x0F?YesNoHAN Installer
CECH-43xxC0x13YesNoHAN Installer
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