Modding PS4 Release [1.33/Final] RedDotCity Resurrection C++ ELF Zombie Mod Menu v1.2 + Aimbot

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Sep 6, 2021
Hey Guys, Finally Releasing the v1.2 Alpha Build of the ELF Menu for Black Ops 3 Zombies !

Dizz and I put in alot of time an effort to make this menu, and did our best to make it as old school as possible.
This is the Final Update of this Menu because Dizz Released the GSC Compiler/Loader for Black Ops 3 Which can be found here.
Essentially, GSC Uses the COD engines built in calls Which makes ALOT more mods possible or less difficult.
This Mod is Coded in c++, and uses a completely different method to call in game functions and relies alot on structures.
This Final Release Also Includes a Standalone c# ELF Loader ui to Inject the Menu via PS4Debug aswell as an option to Inject a gsc script to remove death barriers.
Downloads for ALL versions of the menu and c# loader are below

Please Read the Spoilers below for Notes, Changelog, and More Info




- Coded For LATEST Update (1.33)

- All Client Menu

- *NEW* Host Zombie Aimbot

- Verification System

- Ability To Play LAN Cross Platform

- Scroller Remembrance

- Custom Value Editor

- Very Clean and Near Perfect Stability

- Lots Menu Options (60+)




- All DLC Maps Supported

- 1.33 LATEST Update version of Black Ops 3

- PS4 With Usage Of ELF Loader, (5.05, 6.72, 7.02, 7.5x Etc)
(Update 1.2 has standalone ui)

- don't use restart match button at pause menu, use the fast restart option in game settings menu.
if you don't, you have to end the game for the mod to reload

- don't have lobby spam running if you end the game manually or get game over the game will crash (fast restart works fine)

- make sure you have godmode on while using super jump or going outside the map!

- don't use spacesuit on moon just use godmode or menu wont scroll because spacesuit binds to dpad up

- when using third person the first time(first time using menu),
toggle spectator mode and press triangle, then circle to disable.
only required first time ever using elf. saves indefinitely

- akimbo wonder weapons doesn't have ammo in left weapon on (moon & gorod)

- lag player bool is still broken

- Initial Release

- removed kick player and replaced with down player
- added fair aimbot in host menu - doesn't have visibility check
- added Super Jump - highly suggest using removing death barriers in tool
- removed a few options i will not add due to gsc compiler/loader release by dizz
- added standalone c# ui for elf loader for c++ elf menu - supporting ps4debug on 5.05, 6.72, 7.02, 7.5x
- added remove death barriers through gsc injection in c# ui
- fixed other minor bugs

Matrix - 1.00 Hud Structure

DeathRGH - 1.00 Address Dump and Overall Advice

Dizz(xFatalCoder) - Help Designing the Menu, Coding Original Base, aswell as Help Updating a
few Addresses for 1.33, GSC Loader Method for Death barrier disable in ui

Milky444 - RIP BRO, Mod was made tribute to him <3




v1 Build Showcase Video

v1 Build Using Cross Platform LAN With PS5 POV! - Thanks to MrxDMxCFW

v1.2 Showcase + ELF Loader Tutorial




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Oct 9, 2021
salut ou trouver le lien pour telecharger le mod menu car il y a bien mediafire mais on peut pas cliquer des cliquer


Oct 4, 2021
yes sir, as long as your on the latest update for black ops 3
that's weird, I'm on the latest version of the game (CUSA02290 1.33) and when I try to load the gsc or ELF file (after pairing with the console and game), the tool crashes everytime :(
I'll try with CUSA02624