1. 1


    Enable two-step verification to receive this trophy.
  2. 1


    You uploaded an avatar!
  3. 1

    First message

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.
  4. 2

    First reaction!

    Someone reacted positively to one of your messages. Keep up the quality posting to get more!
  5. 5

    Level up

    You've posted 30 messages! You're starting to make some moves!
  6. 5


    You love chatting with other members! Post at least 50 messages in the chat to receive this trophy.
  7. 10

    Happy 1 Year!

    You've been with us for an entire year. Congrats!
  8. 10


    Thanks for the support! Donate to RedDotCity to receive this trophy and the Sponsor rank!
  9. 10


    Your content has been reacted to positively 25 times.
  10. 15

    Gaining respect

    You have reached 100 reaction score! Be proud!
  11. 15


    Your content has received at least 250 reaction score!
  12. 15

    Creating a buzz!

    You've posted 100 messages. Looks like your activity is really ramping up!
  13. 20

    Constant contributor

    Post 500 messages to receive this award.
  14. 25


    You have received a whopping 500 reaction score! You're definitely a go to person for quality content.
  15. 25

    Thousand milestone

    1,000 messages? That's awesome!
  16. 30

    RedDot Expert

    2,000 messages! Wow!
  17. 30


    You have reached a reaction score of 1,000. You're truly a celebrity in this community!
  18. 40


    You are a living RedDot legend! Collect 200 trophy points to obtain this and a special surprise.